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Smoky Vegetarian/Vegan Eggplant 'Taco Meat' Recipe

This eggplant 'taco meat' is completely vegetarian, vegan, and super healthy. The combination of spices (particularly the smoked chili powders), balsamic vinegar, and other seasonings give this taco topping a sweet and smoky flavour that pairs well with other mild toppings like sour cream and guac.

Thought it doesn't end with tacos: you can use this 'meat' in burritos, on pizzas, burgers, & more!

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Fluffy Whipped Pancakes Recipe + 11 Sugar-Free Toppings

Here are the easy, super fluffy, tall, buttery pancakes that have quickly become a weekend staple in my house! Because no pancake breakfast is ever complete without a good trimming, I’ve included 11 of my favourite savoury and sweet sugar-free toppings - who said healthy can’t be delicious?

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