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Hearty Rice and Black Bean Salad with Hummus and Tangy Balsamic Creamy Dressing

Warm rice and black beans are mixed with a sugar-free creamy/tangy balsamic dressing sweet cherry tomatoes, salty feta, and hummus for a quick and easy weekday meal! It’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and even vegan friendly (who knew tofu feta could be so tasty)!

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Sugar-Free Homemade Ketchup (Heinz Ketchup Copycat) Recipe

A homemade, sugar-free, low carb, vegan, and gluten free ketchup recipe that tastes just like the real thing (for Heinz fans like myself)! Made with zero sweeteners and simple ingredients, this delicious ketchup is just as healthy as it is tasty!

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Sugar-Free Authentic Teriyaki Sauce Recipe (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto)

A sweet, salty and flavourful sauce perfect for dipping or marinating veggies, chicken, or whatever strikes your fancy! The best part? This sugar-free teriyaki sauce recipe is allergy, vegan, gluten free, keto, and even allergy (if you use coconut aminos) friendly! Who ever said healthy has to be boring?

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Sugar-Free Creamy Balsamic Dressing Recipe (Low-Carb, Keto, Gluten-Free)

A creamy and tangy homemade AND sugar free balsamic vinegar salad dressing recipe. Store-bought salad dressing can be not only loaded with hidden unhealthy ingredients, but also packed with sugar! So, before you go to buy that bottle, try this DELICIOUS sugar-free dressing made with balsamic vinegar - I promise you won’t miss the store bought stuff!

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Smoky Vegetarian/Vegan Eggplant 'Taco Meat' Recipe

This eggplant 'taco meat' is completely vegetarian, vegan, and super healthy. The combination of spices (particularly the smoked chili powders), balsamic vinegar, and other seasonings give this taco topping a sweet and smoky flavour that pairs well with other mild toppings like sour cream and guac.

Thought it doesn't end with tacos: you can use this 'meat' in burritos, on pizzas, burgers, & more!

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After Christmas Cleansing Onion Soup Recipe + FREE Bonus Challenge

I have to confess after the holidays I always miss the delicious over indulgent foods - I love the heavy dinners and desserts - but when trying to eat healthily it’s best to start fresh at the end of the holiday! This is why I want to share my go-to super cleansing but super-satiating recipe that I always kick-off the New Year with. In fact, it’s so densely nutritiousthat it’s a staple in my household (oh, and it prevents and fights colds)!

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