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Why You Are Obsessed With Sugar (& How To Fix It)

Sugar cravings - we all know the feeling, and let’s face it, we all get them. They can be as extreme as wanting to eat a whole tub of ice-cream after a full meal, or as ‘commonplace’ as a meandering thought toward the leftover cake in the fridge at home when you’re bored at work. But why do we get them, and is the only way to stop them cutting sugar for good? Today I go in-depth into how you get sugar cravings, why you get them, how to stop them, and how much sugar you should have (if any).

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When You Should Stop Eating Sugar + How To Do It

Everyone likes sugar. Whether you like to add a teaspoon to your coffee each morning or have a cookie as an afternoon snack, sugar is that sweet little indulgence that figures into everyday life. However, with more and more evidence mounting up on the negative impacts it can have on our health, a new question has emerged: should I quit eating sugar? In this post, I go in depth on how much sugar you actually can eat (and whether you should eat it at all), and how exactly you can reduce the amount of sugar in your life without feeling deprived.

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