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Can You Have A Healthy (And Happy) Easter? Yes - Here's How!

Easter can be an easy time to let yourself overdo it on chocolate and rich, pies, meats, and sandwiches. I mean, you're literally surrounded by foil wrapped bunnies for almost two whole months beforehand - hard to resist, right?

However, with the right tools and balance, it can actually be easy to incorporate your favourite seasonal treats into your diet while also avoiding the chocolate binge-fest and slight weight gain that can come with this pastel-coloured time of year. What are you waiting for? Let's get into how you can have a healthy (and happy) Easter - and spoiler alert, there may just be a free cleanse waiting for you too!

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St. Patrick's Day Red Velvet Clover Cupcakes with Rainbow French Buttercream Cream Cheese Frosting

A deliciously light and sweet red velvet cupcake base is then paired with a mousse like French buttercream and cream cheese frosting hybrid to create the perfect St. Patrick’s day treat!

The French buttercream cream cheese frosting takes a little bit more effort than traditional cream cheese frosting, but it’s well worth it as the end result is lighter, more flavourful, and subtly sweet than its original counterpart!

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