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You Need to Avoid These 7 High Sugar 'Healthy' Summer Foods

Summer is a time for fun, but with the warm nights and bbq parties comes the time-old diet conundrum: what should you eat at a party that won’t ruin your diet? Maybe you choose the marinated chicken instead of the ribs, salad instead of macaroni, and a fruit pop instead of berry pie. These are all light, healthy Summer foods right? The problem is that the food on your plate might not be as low in sugar and calories as you previously thought! Yep, those healthy summer foods could be sugar bombs! In today’s post, find out why and what you can do about it (free recipe guide anyone?)!

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Summer Health: 15 Tips For a Happy, Healthy, Sunny Season

Ready, set, Summer… how to start the season of right and maintain awesome summer health! Ahh, June! The rainy skies have cleared up here in Orlando, and I can actually say that it really feels like summer for the first time this year! But before I get overexcited rabbiting on about the awesome sun-soaked season, I want to ask you a question real quick: are you actually ready for summer? All of this fun in the sun can make it easy to forget to look after ourselves - making summer wellness practices super important - and that’s why I’ve put together 16 of my favourite tips for summer health in one easy to find post! Heck yeah!

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