Fudgy Sugar-Free Chocolate Pancakes Recipe (Diabetes-Friendly)

#SugarFreeSeptember: 30 days of sugar-free recipes

Sugar-Free Chocolate Pancakes Recipe (Diabetes-Friendly) - Isabelle McKenzie

Thick, fluffy, sugar-free chocolate pancakes recipe with a deep rich fudgy flavour - perfect for a guilt-free Saturday morning breakfast! With a dark chocolate-y flavour, who knew chocolate treats could be so healthy? Goes well with fruit, cream, and sugar-free chocolate chips - Yum!

I absolutely love, love, love Saturday mornings!

Saturday mornings in my house are a BIG thing - we drink hot mochas with homemade breaky, anything from southern biscuits, french toast, croissants, muffins to toasted sandwiches.

And now, thanks to my sister’s obsession starting a new craze in the house, we love to celebrate a Saturday morning with pancakes.

Usually, we like to have my plain sugar free classic pancakes with lot of yummy and sugar free different toppings. I stick with no-sugar ketchup (yes ketchup with pancakes is a thing), or my homemade sugar-free chocolate spread for topping for my plain pancakes.

But, I recently did a 29-day sugar-free challenge, and I didn’t eat any pancakes during this time.

I know they’re sugar-free, but I was super busy with a BIG project, and if you’ve ever made pancakes you knot they take time to do right - especially when you’re cooking for 9 people.

And… now I’m doing sugar-free September, it’s dawned on me just how much I've missed my pancakes and I told myself I need to take time for me and spend family time. So, I decided today, on a MONDAY, to do a healthy, sugar-free pancake day for me and the family during this crazy fun challenge.

Don’t you just love having a healthy food day that sounds sweet, and is deliciously yummy like the unhealthy alternative?! Yep!

Anyways, with my resident pancake loving sister, having missed my sugar free pancakes just as much or even more than me, wanted me to try something extra special, and cook up a new flavor of pancake.

As we are both ex-Oreo addicts, I said “Sophia, let’s do a strong cocoa chocolate pancake that’s sugar-free,” of course she was like “oh... yeah!!!”

Fudgy Sugar-Free Chocolate Pancakes Recipe (Diabetes-Friendly)

And there your have the beginning of sugar-free chocolate pancake recipe idea. You see, my sister and used to be addicted to Oreos, I mean who isn’t?

But we decided to give them up, even on treat days, because we hated eating all the artificial additives and we didn’t like the unethical stance of the brand.

So, after dropping the brand, we tried out quite a few organic brands to find a yummy replacement.

Back Nature’s Sandwich Cookies was the one that fit the role for me (no this is not sponsored) and they are even more yummy than the originals. And, since quitting them and trying a ‘healthier’ and organic brand, we’ve realize that original Oreos are overpoweringly sweet, so I really love how with BTN you can really enjoy the pure taste of the chocolate.

But with sugar-free September, I can’t just eat the Back Nature’s Sandwich Cookies. That is why I want to create a no-sugar pancake that has that scrummy delicious cocoa taste that I love so much!

And that’s where this sugar-free chocolate pancakes recipe comes in!

Fudgy Sugar-Free Chocolate Pancakes Recipe (Diabetes-Friendly)

That’s what I’ve done - I stepped away from the original, tried a new pancake flavour, and I’m so happy with how they turned out! AND, I had so much fun making them today!

These SUGAR-FREE Chocolate Pancakes, are purely chocolaty, wonderfully moist, fluffy, rich, and melt in your mouth as you eat them, sooooo goooood.

I personally love the complements of strawberries and unsweetened whipped cream with them -  just watch as the cold cream melts on your hot pancakes, yum.

I mean, who doesn’t love the combo of berries and chocolate?

Fudgy Sugar-Free Chocolate Pancakes Recipe (Diabetes-Friendly)

While my apron is covered in cocoa, I just had to quickly share this recipe with you today as a part of my sugar-free September 30 days challenge. I'm going sugar free everyday for 30 days, and making and sharing sugar-free recipe versions of some of the yummiest foods, that are still as tasty or actually even tastier than the originals.

Who doesn't love HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS, especially when it comes to CHOCOLATE!

Warning though, before you go cooking these up, remember, that the batter is a chocolate bowl of super gooey, thick and yummy goo, so try not to lick the spat! 😉

With all of that said, here’s your recipe!

Ready to get started on breaking your sugar habit for good?

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p.s. I’m a super fact geek, so, I just had to share little fun fact about the amazing creation of one of my absolute favorite foods: PANCAKES. Here’s a little pancake fun fact for you:

Did you know?

Some suggest that Ötzi the Iceman were eating einkorn wheat in an early sort of flatbread form like pancakes, but most most food historians say that the earliest pancake-like dish, was known as Alita Dolcia ("another sweet" in Latin), which was made by Romans in the 1st century CE from milk, flour, egg, and spices. It was believed in Medieval times that the first three pancakes cooked were sacred. They were each marked with a cross before being sprinkled with salt and then set aside to ward off evil.

Enjoy these yummy scrummy, rich pancakes ready for you to serve at breakfast or dinner if that’s your thing; my sister will eat them at any time of day, come rain or shine!

If you give this recipe a go, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @itsisabellem and using hashtag #sugarfreeseptember

Happy cooking!

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