About Isabelle

Passionate, love a challenge, heart centered and striving to create a life with balance and purpose...

...the type of life that means you can still bake (& enjoy) delicious desserts with friends and family, eat healthily, exercise, stay-up and have Netflix binge-fests with a ton of cheese & home-made fudge and still have your best body and life.    

Does that resonate with you?

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But you’re missing a piece of the puzzle or simply feel frustrated with where you’re at - the boredom of dealing with your weight, diet, body image and insecurity- even the direction of your life, money, happiness, fun and fulfillment?

If you’re answering ‘Yes’, to any of these you’re in the right place.


Sick and tired of the highs and lows of trying to reach your ideal target weight, you want to feel good about yourself and finding some balance in your life.  You feel a little overwhelmed by all the advice on the internet and are looking for fresh and simple ways to get impactful results.

Doing great right now - you’re building a successful, pleasurable, balanced and meaningful life and lifestyle, but you want to improve and scale on what’s working for you, and reach your highest potential.

Feeling isolated. You like learning new perspectives and habits, and gaining insights and creating real connections, and you want to create a solid foundation for all of your goals and dreams to be built on but you wish more people could relate to what you’re trying to do. (Your friends are supportive, but don’t quite “get it”).

Just maybe…


… no matter where you are in your own personal journey, you want your life to have a BIGGER impact, to find and live your purpose, to achieve your goals… and maybe you want someone in your corner to share and help you break-through challenges, to crush self-sabotage and negative self-talk and create a life without negative thinking and harmful self-image issues. You want someone who will put your interests first and communicate with you like a person, someone who’s been through it all too?

Well, I get that, because I’ve been there myself, and I now know that it DOESN’T have to be that hard.



  • I believe that no matter how you personally determine your success, you can achieve it - everyone has the opportunity of living their extraordinary life, you were born with it - now it’s time to make it happen.
  • I believe that everybody (including YOU) deserves respect, balance, contentment and happiness in their life, and the opportunity to fulfill their potential.
  • I believe that your mind is your most powerful asset. That your mind has the ability to hold you back or let you achieve success. It’s your mind that controls your body and environment.
  • I really believe that you can achieve your healthy target weight AND have the joy of eating your favorite not-so-healthy foods. I know that you can feel fulfilled pursuing what you love and what interests you AND at the same time do good for the world, and change people’s lives for the better.

My point: wherever you’re at in your journey it only takes ONE STEP in the direction of your dreams to start - and I’m here to help you


Hi! I’m Isabelle…

… yup, the Isabelle behind the IsabelleMcKenzie.com!

I’m dedicated to helping teach you how to live YOUR happiest, healthiest life and reach YOUR goals so that you can create the lifestyle of your dreams with integrity & purpose.

un·con·ven·tion·al - not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.  unusual, irregular, unorthodox, unfamiliar, uncommon, unwonted, out of the ordinary, atypical, singular, alternative, different

I’m passionate about seemingly unrelated topics, ideas and subjects. I’ve had a very unusual up-bringing (see more about that below!) which has caused some challenges for me, but I’ve fully embraced that I’ll never fit into one particular category - and I don’t think anyone ever needs to fit into one ‘box’ either; everyone is unique and special (including you)!

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  • How to embrace ‘being you’ and share your passion and gifts with the world.
  • How to start, or grow, your own business (in your pajamas without going to business school) and not giving up your values, passions, and attitude.
  • How to become more fulfilled with your job and daily tasks, and learn how to approach them without feeling the grind.
  • How to get the clarity and confidence to build your dreams on your own terms.
  • How to turn your struggles into strengths, and create a body and life that you truly love.
  • How to achieve a healthier, balanced and active lifestyle (#noguilt): one where you’re not just living for your health. One where it’s all about your quality of life not denying yourself everything
  • How to lose weight in a balanced and healthy way and keep it off! (Especially holiday hacks for indulging without gaining 10 pounds)
  • Everything to do with natural health remedies, and preventive info on maintaining, enhancing, or rebuilding your health.
  • Strategies and hacks to get your life organized, reduce daily stress, chaos, and hit your goals.
  • I’m OBSESSED with cooking and baking: from fat-free to butter laden - so I love to share recipes and tricks!
  • I also love TV, books, and cinema (doctor who anyone?) so you’ll a bit of nerdy content here too!

In short, I share practical strategies, habits and tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and financial freedom.

My biggest fear is that YOU never get to live YOUR happiest, healthiest life and reach YOUR goals so I’m in this with you to make a difference…

a goal without a plan is just a wish, so… 


Here’s how I help you…

  • I love to share free quality content in the form of online live workshops, challenges and trainings, as well as blog posts, cheat sheets, guides etc.
  • I produce quality online courses that you can buy and come with lifetime access, support and feedback that will help you work on the area of support you must need.
  • I also provide hands on services to help you ‘cut the line’, stop the overwhelm and see faster results.

In short, I’m here to help in any way I can. After all, navigating your way to your own personal goals can be tricky, but it gets a whole lot easier with a mentor at your side.


Feel like we’re on the same page? Awesome!

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My Story - How I Got Started With This

I was born in London, England, but I raised in Florida since around the age of three. I’m am the second child out of 7 (yep, I have six siblings)!

All 7 McKenzie Kids.jpg

My dad was a highly respected and sought after lawyer in London when he met my mum fresh out law school. From the very beginning, my family has always done things our own way. When they made the decision to have me and my siblings, they made a pact with each other to raise us 50/50 and to always be there for us.

Just before I was born, my parents moved their law firm into the top floor office our newly renovated house, so they wouldn’t have to leave us to work.

Some of my earliest memories are actually of my older brother and I sitting on their office floor playing with our farm animal toys, and listening to my parents’ phones ring.

In the early 2000s, they made the decision to move our family to Florida, so that we could grow up in a quieter and safer environment. I’ve always been very close to my family, and one of our favourite things to do has always been to sit and talk about pretty much everything.

We’d talk about film and tv, people we’d met, and news on the tv, always analyzing and theorizing behind people’s actions, motivations, and mannerisms, which gave me a fascination with behavior and personal development.

However, none of this helped me for my first 3 years of school. Even at such a young age, I never really “fit in”. Even though I loved my schoolwork, I always felt isolated even lonely when it came to my schoolmates.


Learning Valuable Life Lessons

My parents have always given me a lot of freedom in my personal development. They would encourage us to watch programs and films that dealt with war, death, violence, drugs and moral complexities. We would talk about everything - nothing was off limits.

It’s how my siblings and I could explore human nuance, conflict and condition in a safe environment. Though at the time, my parents were also strict about protecting us - could couldn’t go outside by ourselves, no talking to strangers, we had to watch what we ate, and they would include us when they exercised. They would talk about the ‘why’ behind all of this, and it gave me so much insight into health and wellness, and balance.

We were (and still are) a very close family unit, my 2 siblings (at the time) and I hated being away from them at school, and they would miss us like crazy, so my parents and I would give us extra days off. I had really good grades and always kept up with my schoolwork, so my school didn’t much mind.


From Millions to $5

In 2007, my parents decided to pull us out of school. Like I said, I was a shy bookworm without many friends, so I didn’t have much to miss (plus I loved the idea of staying home and learning). That extra spare time is actually how I got into baking!

me and sophia.jpg

But then the 2008 financial crash happened.

My parents lost their business and savings. My parents had been self-made millionaires, and we went from being well off to living on $25 a day. We moved from a 3500 square foot house into an 1100 square foot one, and my 3 siblings (I had a toddler brother) and I shared one room. My mum was also pregnant with a 5th child.

It didn’t matter to me though at the time, it just seemed like an exciting move to a new house that had carpet, and my sister and I already stayed in my older brother’s room most of the time anyway. Being a kid, I had no true grasp of the situation. As immigrants, we had no help from the government. No food stamps, healthcare, financial aid. We were essentially alone. On top of that, because of the flawed system, we were still stuck living on a 2-year business visa.

My parents were always open and honest about the situation with us, and always worked to get us out of the situation. We were still close, and still made sure to have breakfast and dinner together, despite the financial strain.

Also because of it, they didn’t have as much time for teaching, so my siblings and I began to teach ourselves, using printouts and some free learning websites. It wasn’t a perfect curriculum, but we were happy to be at home and helping each other.


Keeping Priorities Straight

We still made our health a priority despite the means. We had no health coverage so we knew it was important to work with what we had. We learned how to make everything from scratch, from toothpaste to vinegar spray. Worked with our $25 a week budget for groceries, still managing to keep it as healthy as possible.

Isabelle and Lex (2).JPG

My parents also continued to make sure that we exercised at least 5 days a week. At first we’d use the free videos on the exercise TV channel, and eventually after saving up we were able to ‘splash out’ and buy a video series called ‘Insanity’ from beach body. I kid you not, those workouts are hard.

My parents were very entrepreneurial, and my sister and I even created and website for girls like us to feel safe and talk when I was 10.

As the years went on, I had more siblings, and the already older house got smaller, and worn down (there were now 9 of us in all – 7 kids, mom, and dad).

One the two bathrooms didn’t work, the kitchen sink was broken, and the air conditioner was bust, so we lived in the sweltering Florida heat. We lived in conditions most westerners will never know.

Despite the circumstances, we still managed to be happy. We were together. It cost nothing to play sports together, or sit and talk, both of which we loved to do as a family. It taught me the power of resilience, gratitude, love, and staying steadfast.


My Choice

Eventually, I decided that my parents needed my help.

In 2013, at 14, I stopped school altogether to help my parents’ business full time.

My curriculum changed from more traditional learning to a form of unschooling I suppose you could say. I learned from experience and practice on real-life topics, helping set up events, write content, edit graphics, and set up budgets. I never forgot proper ‘school’, but I knew what I had to do for my family. It made me feel insecure, and even guilty at points.

Isabelle and The Kids.jpg

This continued on for four years, but when I was 17 I started to think of something that never seemed very relevant before – my future. I’d loved to run since I can remember, and as I sat one day watching track and field on TV, I realized something – I wanted to run. I’d always loved it, so despite my lack of competitive experience, I made it my mission. I wasn’t really sure how to get started, or even if I could do it, but after a bit of research that my best option would to join a club in a college or University.

It struck me that by getting started that way I could combine my love of running and activity with something I had missed out on - a ‘normal’ education.

I was extremely nervous to tell my parents that I wanted to do something outside of the business - we’d never talked about it, and I knew that I’d made myself into something they relied on. Like in any business or family relationship, we had to work a few things through, and I had my insecurities, but they loved me and completely supported my decision from day one.


My Challenge

Isabelle 18th.jpg

Now, being newly 18 and not having any AP, A-Level, or IB test scores, I felt I was running very short on time, as it was basically my equivalent senior year. None of my local schools offered any AP program without full enrollment, and without a formal education or transcript, I decided that getting a high SAT score was the best way to stand a chance.

At this point, I had no idea where to start. I hadn’t done any full time ‘schoolwork’ since I was 14, and had no teachers, no books, and no resources.

I took my first SAT practice test, and started from there. I studied every day, making myself learn advanced math and writing skills for hours. I worked as hard as I could for months, developing systems and schedules to maximize my time. I ending up raising my initial practice score (which was 1070) to a 1470 in the actual test, in about 6 months.


Overcoming Insecurities

However, about a year before, I had injured my ankle (which I’m still working on today) and put on some weight. I felt horrible and insecure about myself. I admit that I’ve suffered from some terrible self-image issues, and I’m not perfect, I sometimes still do.

This is something that I wanted to stop once and for all, so I got to writing my first weight-loss and body maintenance program, and started using it myself to get rid of that extra weight. It worked so well that I incorporated it into my daily routine, and that of my family. It has even helped my mum lose 17 pounds too, even after 7 kids!


And Now...

Now, I know that I’ve already mentioned how I started my first website at 10. Well, in 2013, I actually started another one, called fandom101.com (which is still running), a geek-focused pop culture fansite. There I started designing my own t-shirts (which you can check out here & here), and making money online.

It’s been really awesome to earn money in something creative, and continue my education. That’s what lead me to where I am today - pursuing what I love to do, helping others realize what’s possible with commitment and hard-work (no matter the challenges), and add value to their lives.  

YOU DO have the power to change or mold your life into the life that YOU want, and to keep an amazing balance between work and money, and healthy happy relationships with family, friends and our community.

I know firsthand what is really possible in a short amount of time, and I’m here to help you become more successful in your own life and business.

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