Better-Than-The-Box Fudgy Sugar-Free Brownies


#SugarFreeSeptember: 30 days of sugar-free recipes

Better-Than-The-Box Fudgy Sugar-Free Brownies

A super thick, chocolatey fudge brownie recipe - completely sugar-free! They're made using the whipped egg method, which pretty much means these brownies are guaranteed to have that crinkly top crust we've come to love in our brownies - so easy and better than the box!

Take a second and imagine this.

You’re sitting by the oven, reading a good book while waiting for your homemade brownies to cook, with the wonderful aroma of chocolate in the air, because you’re baking - wait for it…

…guilt free sugar free brownies!

Better-Than-The-Box Fudgy Sugar-Free Brownies

YES… you don’t need to just imagine eating GUILT-FREE BROWNIES - you actually can!

Brownies are popular… really popular. I mean, have you ever met someone who doesn't love an ‘old fashioned slice’ of brownie? If you have, I want to meet them!

Sometimes we can also associate brownies with deprivation, because those of us trying to cut back on sugar, lose weight, or generally eat healthier often have to avoid them.

Better-Than-The-Box Fudgy Sugar-Free Brownies

This is literally too sad - everyone deserves to enjoy what they love, but we also know that we don’t want to compromise our health for the sake of a sweet fudgy dessert, so we limit brownies to treat days and holidays.

But we don’t have to do that anymore.

Sugar-free better than the box brownies.

My recipe for today is for completely guilt free, healthy, chocolaty, fudgey sugar free brownies, perfect for a delicious sweet mood booster.

I’m sharing my healthy brownies as a part of my Sugar-Free September Recipe Challenge, where I share sugar-free recipe versions of some of the best foods out there, while also eating no-sugar myself the whole month.

Better-Than-The-Box Fudgy Sugar-Free Brownies

Even though I’m only sharing just know, I’ve been making these sugar-free brownies for a good long time. I created this recipe for my mum, who is a total brownie fan.

You see, I’m more of ice cream fan, but my mum just loves chocolate, and in particular, brownies!

Though, like me, she likes to avoid sugar as much as possible. There’s nothing better than a clean, vibrant body, right?!

The first time I made these brownies was on a Friday night. My mom and I had a really crazy work day, and spent half the day chasing around the kids (she's a mom of seven people, a real supermom).

Better-Than-The-Box Fudgy Sugar-Free Brownies

After the kids went to bed that night, mom and I sat at our kitchen bar table attempting to unwind after all the craziness. We sat and chatted all about the day, and then mum told me how great it would be if we could bake up and eat a batch of brownies at this late hour.

Something came over me. I said, “lets do it - we’ve had a crazy day and I think it will be a nice little memory to have”. But we were on a no-sugar cleanse after a big holiday and we didn’t want to break it.

Better-Than-The-Box Fudgy Sugar-Free Brownies

And so the sugar-free brownies were born.

I scribbled and rumaged through the cupboards and fridge for ingredients that would work and I whipped something together the best sugar-free brownie recipe I could.


Out the oven they came, and wow! Because I used granulated sweetener, they still had that crinkly top and they were fudgier than anything we could have bought at the store,

This Sugar Free Brownies Recipe is now fantastically perfected! Ooey gooey chocolaty, moist, with a rich scrumptious pure chocolate flavor!!!

With all of that said, here’s your recipe!

Ready to get started on breaking your sugar habit for good?

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Happy cooking!

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