Fudgy Chocolate Banana Cookies Recipe (Sugar-Free, Vegan)


#SugarFreeSeptember: 30 days of sugar-free recipes

Fudgy Chocolate Banana Cookies Recipe (Sugar-Free, Vegan) - Isabelle McKenzie

A fudgy, soft, and chewy chocolate banana cookie recipe that is totally sugar-free and vegan! With their natural sweetness being provided by only banana and stevia (which also helps to prevent a cakey texture), you can eat your cookies and stay healthy too!

I absolutely L-O-V-E cookies!

I’m a self confessed cookie monster, and I happened to be born in a house filled with cookie monsters just like me! We all know that mean only one thing - tons of cookie baking! One of my favourite things to do is to make my siblings a weekday cookie surprise and enjoy them with cozy laughs around the table after dinner.

Fudgy Chocolate Banana Cookies Recipe (Sugar-Free, Vegan)

And I don’t think I’m the only one with cookie fond cookie nostalgia!

Cookies are something that many people have childhood memories of: snacking on cookie dough in the kitchen with mom and dad, leaving cookies out for Santa, eating a cookie afterschool, and the list goes on.

But we adults also get lots of cookie cravings.

As you know I sometimes do feel the need to bake some up during the week (as our family tradition dictates), but when I’m on a sugar-free cleanse, they’re usually something that I have to miss out on, especially since many healthy cookies simply don’t taste the same.

And so, my sugar-free fudgy chocolate cookies recipe comes into the picture!

Fudgy Chocolate Banana Cookies Recipe (Sugar-Free, Vegan)

I wanted this cookie to be healthy, but I also wanted to avoid anything cakey, an unfortunate side effect to the lack of sugar in lots of sugar-free cookies.

Instead I needed my cookies to be soft, fudgy and chewy, and they had to be so wonderfully delicious that you'd never be able to tell they were healthy - especially in a house of cookie critics! 

Also - and I think most importantly - this healthy cookie had to be able to be the same cookie and milk texture when I dunk it in my milk.

Yesss, I still drink milk with my cookies, and I'm not embarrassed to say it! It’s too dang good (although you’ll often find unsweetened almond milk in dairy milk’s place in my cup)!

After much frustration while trying out a like a billion different batches and ways of making healthy sugar-free cookies, I did eventually work out the perfect sugar-free chocolate cookie recipe! They’re flavorful, soft, chewy chocolate banana cookies, that contain no sugar (zilch) or other blood-sugar spiking sweetener alternative, and they’re VEGAN!

Fudgy Chocolate Banana Cookies Recipe (Sugar-Free, Vegan)

And… guess what?

So, these sugar-free chocolate cookies made the cut, and now I’m sharing them as my recipe for day 9 of my sugar-free September recipe challenge! I’m sharing sugar-free recipe versions of your favorite foods, while also eating no-sugar myself the whole month. Cool right?!

The key to the combo is the dream team of banana and cocoa flavor packing a wonderfully rich, soft taste - a fantastically balanced dose of decadent chocolate and banana.

The amount of banana and the texture of it at first was something I had to really work on - there were a few crumbly and strange textured disasters at the beginning - but 1 small banana works perfectly. I mean it’s actually not that often that you find a healthy chewy chocolate cookie that’s NOT cakey.

Yeah… it gets even better, when I tell you that the best part about these cookies is not just the decadently rich chocolaty flavor, but just how quick and easy they are whip together.

They consist of everyday common ingredients you have right now and are made in around 20 minutes (without even an electric mixer)!

You can make these cookies with either butter and coconut oil, but I prefer coconut oil because it’s healthier.


If you want to get creative and jazz things up, there are plenty of versions to test:

  • Add unsweetened dark chocolate chunks

  • Add dried cherries, pistachios or my personal fave hazelnuts

These healthy chocolate cookies are vegan and sugar-free, and most importantly decadent and delicious!

What are you waiting for, whip on that apron and bake up some cookies!

With all of that said, here’s your recipe!

Ready to get started on breaking your sugar habit for good?

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Happy cooking!

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