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Earn a minimum commission of $35 per sale by recommending our high quality industry-leading wellness programs (totally free to join).

Have a question? Send an email to support@isabellemckenzie.com.

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Get Paid To Make A Difference.

Start promoting one or both of our courses - The Cut The Sugar Program and Lose Inches in An Instant - all through our easy to use Teachable affiliate dashboard! Our custom sales and design resources give you the tools you need to earn commissions from customers purchasing your chosen program(s) from our Teachable school. Inspire your audience to take hold of their health while making generous commissions.


High Commission Rate.

Earn at LEAST $35 for each sale you bring in for our paid wellness programs.

Really Long Affiliate Cookies (Like, Really Long)

Get credit for every single referral made within an 180 day period - even for unpaid visits.

Easy To Use.

Simply access your affiliate dashboard by logging into our teachable school.

Unparalleled Support.

Get priority support through Skype or email from a dedicated affiliate manager ready to help answer your questions.

Automatic Link generation.

Find your automatically generated referral link in your dashboard & earn your commission with one click.

Done-For-You Content.

Save time (and money) on content creation with our pre-made written and graphic promotion content.

Exclusive Affiliate Discounts.

Get exclusive affiliate promo codes and ‘bonus’ promotions you can offer your fans (where applicable).

Custom Marketing Assets.

Get access (where applicable) to bonus pre-written emails, landing pages, opt-ins, and other branded assets.


 Meet Our Affiliates


“Wow, thank you so much. You've put so much work into that (…promo blog post + graphic/copy content) and I really appreciate it. It's by far the most comprehensive thing anyone has sent me for my blog!”


Elly Mcguinness | ellymcguinness.com

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Interested in becoming an affiliate?

+ Partnering with Isabelle McKenzie?

Get Started

If your audience is looking to cut their sugar cravings, lose weight, or generally improve their health, then we encourage you to apply for our affiliate program(s) in any niche.

Next Steps

Our team will review your application. If you are approved, you’ll receive access to content, support, tracking, reporting, payments, and your unique affiliate link to track each referral.

Why Isabelle?

We’re committed to the success of our affiliates. We offer a high commission, support, easy to use tracking links/dashboard, resources, all with no minimum sales required.

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Basic contact and info:
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* Tracking and payments of commissions and percentages are subject to the program managers at IsabelleMcKenzie.com.



How much will I make?

Affiliate commissions currently start at 35% of total purchase price (meaning that the minimum commission is about $35), however, for influencers with high follower engagement rates, the affiliate percentage may be open to discussion.

When and how will I get paid?

Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis via stripe.

How are referrals tracked and credited to me?

You will have access to customised affiliate links through your Teachable affiliate dashboard. By carefully following the provided instructions for collecting and placing links on your site/social media for the course sales pages, you'll enable clear tracking from where each visitor comes from and who enrolls in a paid Teachable course.

We use cookie tracking for this (cookies which track for 180 days after each sales page visit) - each link contains your unique affiliate id. Each time a student purchases using your links, we'll know to credit you, and you can track your 'credits' through your dashboard.

Can I take orders on my site?

Not at this time.

Do you provide online reporting?

Yes! Once you have been accepted into our affiliate program, you will be given access to an affiliate dashboard and sales reporting. You'll be able to check your earnings at any time. To learn more about the dashboard, check out this article.

What if a student asks for a refund?

Affiliate are paid for cleared sales on a monthly schedule. A cleared sale means that the student has passed the 30-day refund window.

For example, if a student purchases a course on the 1st day of the month (say June), then you will be paid your commission on the 1st of the next month (July, in this case).

However, if a student purchases a course on the 15th day of the month (again, let's say June) then you will not be paid until the next scheduled date after the student clears the window (August 1st, in this case).

How do I get started?

To get started, please fill out the affiliate application form above. We will review your application and get in touch if your application is approved.

How does the affiliate program work?

The IsabelleMcKenzie.com affiliate program allows you to earn a commission by linking visitors from your website to one of our wellness courses on Teachable.

First, possible affiliates go through an application process by filling in our prospect form (above). We will then review your application, website, and social platforms to make sure that our affiliate partnership is a good fit, and to determine how best we can work together.

Once your application is approved, you will be given access to your affiliate dashboard (which contains your affiliate tracking links and reporting) and an email with selected banners, ads, marketing materials, and more that you can use to promote our content. If applicable, we will also discuss the other means of promotion that you have indicated interest for (for example, a podcast or social media collaboration with Isabelle).

When a student clicks your link to one of our sales pages and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission on that sale (to be paid out on the appropriate scheduled payments date). You'll be able to track commissions earned, sales generated, and more.

Why should I join your affiliate program?

You'll be spreading a positive mission. Our wellness programs are high quality, and are specifically designed to offer a fun and beneficial user experience that delivers results and grows awareness.

We provide actionable content that students can implement for their health and well being, including a variety of different free resources tailored to getting the best results out of the course. We offer a high minimum percentage of about $35 per sale as well as numerous done-for-you promotional materials and easy to use dashboards.

Also, it's free to join and easy to use. You'll be adding value to your site and encouraging visitors, while extra make money - all of which give you more time and freedom to grow your own brand's awareness and spread its mission.

Is there any marketing method you don't allow?

We don't allow Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or paid ads on Facebook when promoting our courses. If you'd like to run paid promotion to our courses elsewhere, please consult with us beforehand.

Can I promote any page on your site?

You may link to any page on our main website (isabellemckenzie.com), however, affiliates are only credited when the user lands on any page of our Teachable site (isabellemckenzie.teachable.com). For more on this, please review this help article.

Can I post your website copy on my site/social media?

You may post any content we send to you in your affiliate confirmation package, however, please refrain from using written copy directly from isabellemckenzie.com. If you need a particular piece of content, please contact your affiliate manager.

What affiliate networks do you work with?

We currently use solely Teachable for our affiliates. We will update this page if/when we branch out to other providers.

What type of marketer is most successful in your affiliate program?

There are multiple types of marketers that are successful in our affiliate program. This includes bloggers, social media users with active followings, lifestyle influencers, and more - including those not directly inside the 'health' niche. If you believe that we have a similar philosophy or are interested in our mission, we encourage you to apply.

Will I have access to promo codes?

You will have access to promo codes where applicable - if you are interested in using promo codes, please reach out.